Amy Tonkin

Owner, Vice President, Operations

Amy Tonkin, owner of Coastline Overhead Door, is a driving force behind the company’s success. Her strategic vision and operational expertise have been instrumental in guiding the company’s growth. Amy’s approach combines industry knowledge with a commitment to community values, shaping a business that’s not just about providing services, but also about building relationships in the Lowcountry. Her leadership ensures Coastline Overhead Door remains a trusted name in garage door solutions, deeply connected to the community it serves.

Amy’s role extends beyond business management to fostering a family-like atmosphere within the company and engaging actively with the local community. Her influence is key in creating a welcoming environment for both employees and customers, reflecting her belief in the importance of local businesses in community development. Amy’s dedication to local involvement and her strategic business approach make Coastline Overhead Door a unique and respected entity in the region.