Jamie Tonkin

Owner, President, Sales

Jamie Tonkin is the entrepreneurial force behind Coastline Overhead Door, a company renowned for its expertise in garage door services. With a rich background in the industry, Jamie brings a wealth of experience and innovative solutions to the forefront of the business.

His leadership is not just about providing top-notch services; it’s about creating a sense of community and belonging. Jamie’s journey began over 20 years ago, marked by a deep commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. His move to the Lowcountry over 15 years ago, from western New York, was more than a change of location; it was a step towards building a community-centric business. Under his guidance, Coastline Overhead Door has become more than a service provider; it’s a symbol of safety, reliability, and community support.

At the heart of Jamie’s vision is the belief that a business should be an integral part of the community it serves. This philosophy is evident in every aspect of Coastline Overhead Door, from the way the team engages with customers to their involvement in local activities.

Jamie’s leadership extends beyond the realm of business; it’s about creating opportunities and forging lasting bonds within the community. His dedication is mirrored in the company’s core beliefs, which emphasize community commitment, extensive experience, safety, security, and support for the military and local initiatives.

Jamie, along with his wife and co-owner Amy Tonkin, has steered the company towards remarkable growth and success, ensuring that Coastline Overhead Door remains a trusted partner in the Lowcountry for all garage door needs. His approach to business is a testament to his belief in doors as gateways to not just homes, but to opportunities and secure futures.